Web Design Is Much More Than Designing a Pretty Looking Site

It’s a common notion that web design is a form of art. Well, in one sense it is, but it has a lot of elements other than mere attractive looks, vibrant color schemes and pretty graphics. However web design in the true sense is much more than pretty looks. It’s art, technology and business logic all blended together. Web design entails putting together a perfect site structure, usability features, functionality and lots more.

Here are some of the elements that make business websites work efficiently and look awesome!

Structure is important

The most important part of a website is it’s structure. The structure is decided after defining the business logic. You will need to clearly understand which page comes after which one. Once a customer lands on your home page, or one of your product pages, your website structure must automatically lead him to the next option which is to either buy or request a quote etc.

Another point to be considered is to use the right platform for development. Whether you use HTML, CSS and scripts or you use ready Content Management Systems, defining the structure of your site is very important.

Usability is crucial

What good is a website if a customer cannot easily navigate through it? A customer should be able to easily browse your website, find what he is looking for and interact with your business if necessary. If he cannot find what he wants within the first few seconds, he will definitely leave your site in frustration and go straight to your competitor’s site!

Readability is important

Reading the text on your website should not be a difficult task. Make sure that you select a font that is easily readable and a background color that does not make the content unreadable. For example, black text on a white background is perfect. This is not to limit your creativity, it is just to say that use careful contrasts so that the text is readable to an average eye.

Functionality is the key

Your website should be easy to interact with. No complicated navigations and no lengthy forms or memberships. Keeping things short and simple will attract more customers. Well, once you have provided certain functionality, make sure that it works flawlessly. For example, if there is a place for customers to comment on your blogs or review your products, make sure that the feature works perfectly. If it does not, your customer is less likely to return to your website.

Popular And Affordable Website Design For Small Business Tips

A successful site depends on its functionality and the marketing efforts implemented to reach and retain traffic. For new online pages, the major competition can make professional growth and development of a brand increasingly difficult. With affordable website design for small business, innovative solutions without the cost can assist in targeting markets and producing effective web results.

Design is one of the most important aspects in the creation of a website that could support business growth or add to running costs with little results. Web development need not be expensive to produce the desired impact, but it must follow specific principles that will produce the most appealing results. This includes functionality, practicality, aesthetics, and effective promotional efforts.

The website should be easy to load and prevent traffic from having to wait for extended periods to obtain data. Improved technology and fast services mean that people are looking for information in a fast manner whether retrieved from a laptop or smartphone. When a page takes too long to load, it will have people move to the competitor site to receive information and leave the company with a poor reputation.

The site must produce a high level of functionality and may be produced with the incorporation of a modern template or professional recommendations. With expert services that are delivered, it can assist in determining the most suitable maintenance measures that can be conducted without having to constantly call on the experts. The basics must be delivered to produce the most effective outcome for the company.

The goal for business is to increase sales and awareness of a product or service that can be achieved through calls to action. Whether directing a customer to a sale or newsletter sign up, it is important to click a particular link or make a button available to redirect the consumer to the information. All consumers should be provided with the appropriate guidance to move forward with a particular action.

There are many interactive functions that can be included in the design allowing a shopper to visit a particular feature to obtain information. Most consumers who cannot receive clarity on a particular product or service will move onto the next site for information. Providing a modern resource where information may be accessed can tend to particular concerns with ease and convenience.

Focus on the details included and whether the pages include an aesthetic design that will grab the attention of online consumers or shoppers. A careful balance of colors and logos must be incorporated with suitable media that will improve the modern appeal, but without increasing the loading period of pages. With the appropriate organization and appeal, it will have more people visit the site.

A smaller enterprise must learn about basic design concepts to include in web creation that will deliver long lasting results. The pages should deliver the highest functional result while appealing to the needs and the interests of traffic. Implementing the right steps can assist in producing a functional and truly attractive website without having to go to the extra expense of adding features and professional layout.

Go Through 10 Web Design Trends That Will Transform Your Business

Surviving in the online world is no small deal. The ever changing web makes it difficult for the businesses to sustain their growth and position and a single mistake can lead to a doom in their business. In the same way, following the latest trends allows the businesses to grow and prosper and this is where experts and professional help comes into the picture.

With the growing requirement of web designing, there has been an increase in web designing services. All these technologically sound countries have an established IT services sector where all development and designing work takes place.

10 Trends that will help you ‘Transform’:

If your website is old, it definitely needs a makeover. For a professional and trendy looking website, you need to contact a web designing company take their assistance in getting the things done. The ten trends that you must follow right now are:

    • Full Width Graphics and Videos: A picture is worth a thousand words and it holds true in the case of the digital market. These days, the internet speeds are going up while data charges are going down. Consequently, people are able to access more graphical content and that is why it is time to incorporate more graphics and videos in your website. Instead of giving product descriptions, you can create description videos and many other such things which will allow for a more lively and interactive looking website.


    • Go Mobile: If your site is old, chances are that you’re still not optimized for mobile viewing. Thus, the first thing would be to get it redesigned in RWD format and make it mobile compliant for getting the maximum number of people to visit your site.


    • Sticky Navigation: Since pages are becoming longer, people tend to lose interest if they have to scroll up and select next page or previous page. For this, using a navigation bar that constantly sticks to the top of the page is a great way to provide your visitors with all the links whenever they want.


    • Modals and Pop-Ups: Modals and Pop Ups are a great way to drive the attention of the visitors. With pages becoming longer and people becoming increasingly impatient, it is very important to focus their attention to the call to action button and for that, a well-timed pop up or a large modal button can be a great method.


    • Less text, more content: Since people don’t read everything you post, it is very important to make them understand the primary objective of your posts. For this, using different font styles, precise writing and use of bullets and numbering are the recommended and trending methods. Optimize your content in this format and you’ll surely have more people interested in reading your posts.


    • Cleaner and Simpler: With material design becoming a huge trend, focus is on offbeat colors. According to a study by a major Graphic Web Design Company, people prefer simpler and cleaner looks as opposed to the older jammed and crammed up websites.


    • Live Chat: Another wonderful trend to follow is the incorporation of live chat feature. With live chat, you can engage with the visitors as and when they visit your site and the chances of converting your visitors becomes high.


    • One Page Scrolling: It is easier to scroll than to click on buttons, especially in mobile. Because of this, one page scrolling has become a major web design trend and people are following it for the sake of convenience. So, for getting more people to like and share your mobile site, try going for a one page scrolling at least in your mobile website.


    • Tile Based Design: If you own an eCommerce website, then tile based navigation as is Windows phones and OS is a great way to organize things. People like it when things are organized and a tile based design is great for eCommerce and photography based websites.


  • RWD: Responsive Web Design is important and everyone knows it now. By going RWD, you ensure that your site is fit for any type of screen and this is what makes it more desirable. Even though RWD is not a new trend, you need to necessarily follow this trend if you want better results.

How To Make Your Website Load Faster?

Did you ever think deeply about your website? Is your website too slow? Well!! If no then it’s a high time to think about all these facts because it actually affects your business. Always keep in mind that if your website takes so much time to load, then no one stays on it for a longer time. And in spite of everything a fast website attracts numerous customers and gives them complete satisfaction which in result increases its visibility and expands your business as well.

So without wasting even a single minute make some efforts to solve this problem. And to solve this problem, you can consult a well-reputed website designing company which has a solution of almost all your website related needs at a pocket-friendly price. Following are some simple tips which help to make your site load faster.

Optimize images: To load your site faster you need to optimize all the images which are the post on your website. This is because if you reduce the size of the image, then it takes less space which helps to boost your site speed. Make sure that your image size matches your usage and try to implement them in a way so it can easily adjust according to the height and width of each page within limited space.

Cache is your friend: Always keep in mind that the cache is your friend and this will help to avoid unnecessary HTTP requests on your site which help to accelerate the speed of your overall website.

Evaluate your plugins: Yes, it’s a fact that plugins will help to add new functionality to your site, but more plug-ins mean more work which takes lots of space and affects your site speeds. So to increase the speed of your website removes all the plug-ins which is out-dated or which has no use anymore.

Combine images into CSS sprites: If you upload, so many images on your site, then it takes so much space which directly affects the load time of your website. So always choose a proper image segment that can be presented because of the CSS background picture and background-arrangement property.

Minify JavaScript and CSS: To increase the speed of your website removes all the unnecessary space, comments, code and many other things which cover so much space on your website. And if the size of your site reduces, then it will help to improve its performance.

Responsive Web Design: Why Is It Important?

To compete today, every business must have an online marketing strategy. The core of your internet marketing strategy is a professional website. Your website portrays the image of your company, its products and services. You want your website to look professional and be effective in marketing your products and services. Your website should be readable on any device that your customer chooses to access your website.

In addition to looking professional, your website must also be responsive or mobile-friendly. Have you checked how your website looks on a smartphone? Is it responsive or is the text unreadable? Does it scale to fit the smartphone and is the text legible?

Older websites were designed to be viewed on desktops only and they will not scale to fit smartphones. Only a portion of the website may be visible on a smartphone. If customers cannot read your website and they have to scroll sideways or pinch and zoom to make the text legible, they will get frustrated and click away to another competing website.

A website that is not responsive or mobile-friendly is no longer effective today for Internet marketing. You could lose many potential customers who access your website through their smartphones or tablets.

Will A Responsive Website Look Better On A Smartphone?

According to estimates, 64% of Americans own smartphones. In 2015, the number of search queries on mobile devices on Google exceeded those on desktops. More people today are using their smartphones to access websites and online services.

On April 21, 2015, Google began to use mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. This means that mobile-friendly websites will receive higher rankings and appear higher on Google search engine listings. This will make it easier for users to get search results that are optimized to their smartphones. Since Google is the largest search engine with almost 65% of search traffic, that makes responsive or mobile website design and readability extremely important.

Responsive web design or mobile-friendly web design is used to provide a positive user experience for smartphone users. With Responsive web design, the website is designed to respond and scale to fit devices of all sizes. The text, images, forms and all web content will resize to fit the size of the browsing device.

A responsive website will be easily readable whether you are viewing it on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. A responsive website will be effective in marketing your products on any device that the customer chooses to access the web.

Responsive web design is essential to a successful Internet marketing strategy today. If your business website is not responsive, you should upgrade to a responsive web design. You cannot afford to lose customers and search engine rankings because your website is older and non-responsive.

4 Critical Considerations to Make Before Designing a Logo

Achieving a great logo is tricky. Not only it has to cater to the latest trends in designing, but it also has to represent a company in the most genuine fashion. It is a visual representation of everything your organization stands for. Think about McDonald’s brilliant M pattern or the Nike swooshes – these two great outlines typify these organizations well. Numerous organizations still hold back on building up this key marketing piece. Ideally, your organization graphic art upgrades potential clients and enhances your business. A fitting graphic symbol or emblem can form trust between your business and your customers, set up a brand character, and give the professional look of a well-established business.

Types of logos

Basically, there are three kinds of it. Firstly, there are font based ones which use type treatment. Renowned MNCs like Microsoft and IBM use this kind making them stand out from the rest. Secondly, there are those which depict what a company actually does. For instance, when an automobile retailer uses cars in the designs, it is showing exactly what its services are. Thirdly, there are those abstract symbols or emblems that represent the brand identity of an organization like that of Nike.

Major MNCs have established their reputation through savvy marketing strategies over the years. But small start-ups or independent organization can’t afford to spend millions of dollars on marketing. For them, a great graphic representation of their organization is the most realistic marketing strategy.

But before you create a logo, there are certain things which you should do:-

  • Decide what you want them to convey: Any graphic art depicts something or the other. Precisely for this reason, you have to decide what you want yours to convey. Whether it’ll showcase what your organization deals with or will it be just a brand image, it’s for you to decide.
  • Look at other businesses in your industry: There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of inspiration from other companies; creative professional live on that. Take a look at what your competitors have created and think of ways how you can differentiate yourself with them, steering clear of the competition.
  • Don’t design just for websites or banners: Every graphical representation should be able to be scaled up and down without any hassles. Whether printing them on business cards or huge banners, they should be flexible and functional. Also, ensure that they can be easily converted to black and white.
  • Be precise: Whatever you are creating, you should make sure that they portray what the company is all about. For instance, if you create something which depicts a food joint while your business is all about pharmaceutics, customers will undoubtedly be confused.

These are just a few things which you should keep in mind to ensure that your company is well represented all across the globe.

Integrate T-Shirt Designing Software With Your Business And Give More Choices To Customers

There was a time when we had to venture out of the house and visit a shop nearby to buy the product of our choice. We had to do a lot of shop-hopping to find our favourite product if the market nearby did not have well-stocked retailers. Our situation improved when shopping malls happened as then, we could get all the retailers under a single roof. And when the concept of online shopping took shape, it changed the way we bought.

Online shopping saved us the inconvenience of going out of the house, as now, we could order while sitting comfortably on the couch. It felt great visiting, exploring and browsing, e-commerce shops, finding whatever we wanted and then getting them delivered at the doorstep. Being a buyer, we couldn’t have asked more, could we? Yes, we could, as these days, buyers are asking more. They are not happy with the choices offered to them by e-commerce sites.

Buyers today want more; they want more choices and more options to explore. More so, they want freedom while shopping on the internet. Above all, they want to explore beyond the available stock. Yes, buyers today want to design, customize and personalize their own product. They want to customer each and every corner of the t-shirt they buy from the internet. They want to add colour, text, art, graphics, clipart and much more to get the best t-shirt in the world.

What’s more, buyers no longer visit those online shops where customization benefits are not available. As a result, shoppers are witnessing a huge drop in their sales and revenue. Consequently, they have no choice but to turn to a designing tool and meet the changing tastes and preferences of buyers. More e-commerce shops are now integrating the tool to catch the attention of buyers and give a boost to their sales. After all, customers matter the most to a business.

In essence, businesses have now understood the relevance of staying contemporary and serving the evolved tastes of their target audience. With a small investment, they can attract more customers and sell more t-shirts. Their investment also gives them the opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the market and stay ahead of the curve. More so, the integration also keeps them ahead of the competitors and helps them realize the true potential of the business.

In overall, the time has come when your business should decide to make the best use of the t-shirt designing software to stay relevant in a market which is turning extremely competitive by the day. Without the software, your e-commerce won’t be able to give customization options to customers and thus, may fail to do justice to its potential. And when a business fails to utilize its potential to the fullest, it will fail to meet its goals.

So, get up and understand the changing dynamics and evolving tastes of the market today and adapt your business accordingly to face the challenges head on.

Creating Impressive Flash-Based Websites

Presentation of a young and pretty blushing lady, bedecked in colourful designer-ware attire and sparkling expensive jewellery is not limited only to the north Indian weddings. Such manifestation in the context of life-style and social status is relevant in other fields too. One among these is the website – the manner in which it is designed and how the contents are presented on the screen of a monitor.

This mode of presentation to attract a viewer or a visitor depends on the element of Flash used in the design of the website. It is a mode of projecting visuals with an aim to enrich a website’s overall image. Thus, a Flash website always commands a good demand across the globe.

Salient advantages of using the Flash modes in the design of a website:

  • Vector graphics
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Animations
  • Video
  • Games
  • Scope for Special Fonts

Flash applications not only perform script actions and collect data for appropriate presentation, but also do most of the things that server-side scripts can do. Further, Flash can work wonders when the website is projected over systems that operate on Netscape, IE, Mac or PC. Since they are vector-based, Flash movies load faster and save precious time of the users downloading the needed audio-visuals.

Those who intend to reckon the above positive aspects to project their products and services need to explore a suitable and professional expert to design the website. To tap, attract and engage the desired target visitors, various companies possess expertise to develop Flash elements of conceptual treatment, creativity, perfect use of graphics and colours. This versatile Flash has evolved hundreds of solutions to meet the client’s varied needs and applications.

In particular, educational institutions including universities have benefited from these value-added services provided by qualified professionals. They depict the institution, campuses, facilities and other information through a highly interactive audio-visual medium.

Alongside the Flash intros that supplement an institutional website, the designers can also conceptualize the logo, be it of a school, college or a university for an impressive impact. Flash-based websites are extensively used for corporate and allied presentations. Consequently, a new dimension is attached to showcase organisational strengths.

After all, a perfect quality audio-video (AV) presentation acts like a powerful catalyst in all the modes that rely on a linear or an interactive interface with user-friendly options to switch between the sections during the presentation. Rest of the things depend upon the professional abilities of the people who are hired to accomplish a particular job.

Freelance Web Designing

Why I chose Web Designing as a Freelancer.


About a year ago I lost my permanent Job as a senior manager in the Automotive industry. When I left the company I was confident that I knew exactly what I was doing from that day onwards. I always had a passion for anything that involved the Web or Technology. Now after years of jumping from one unsatisfactory career path to another I was finally going to do what I Loved! I was going to conquer the Web and spend my days in front of my laptop achieving this, while still enjoying the freedom of spending time with my family.

Everything I know about design and tech is self-taught, but passion guided me to finally do what needed to be done. Web design is a very unique profession. Unlike other career choices, a web designer doesn’t really need any formal training. The very nature of the internet and the myriad of advanced software available, itself makes it easier to become a self-taught guru of design.

There’s a sense of achievement and freedom that comes from being self-taught. And, I think that we creative/techy types enjoy freedom. The freedom to create what we want, work the hours we want, listen to the music we want and earn money the way we want is important to us.

What’s freelancing, you ask?

What Freelancing is to me:

Working on my own, with no boss peering over your shoulder.
Starting my day in my pajamas, if I so desire.
Taking an early lunch to catch an episode of “Game of Thrones” (at least, that’s what I do).
Heading out for a nice walk when things get a bit hectic.
Playing games when things are slow.
Listening to your favorite song at full blast while having fun in Photoshop.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But you also have to factor in the negatives:

Fielding emergency client requests at all hours of the night.
Keeping track of billing, payments, earnings & expenses.
Instead of having one boss peering over your shoulder, now there are dozens of clients (aka bosses) calling and emailing to check the progress of their projects.

So, no, freelancing isn’t all what I thought it would be. It is work. Sometimes, hard work. Like when you don’t have a fellow team member to pass along the difficult stuff to. Or when you receive an irate phone call from a client whose project has gotten lost in the pile of tasks you need to attend to.

Becoming a freelancer means that you’ll sign up for all of the above, and more.

Why I Became a Freelancer?

The question of why I became a freelancer may be different for everyone else who consider doing this. Some people may want to simply work from home. Others may see earnings potential. Whatever your reason, you need to make sure that it is the right reason for you. After all, it can be quite a risk. Especially if you’re quitting your “day job” to strike out on your own.

Being a freelance web designer will change your life. From the moment you declare yourself open for business, you are the key to the entire operation. You’ll make all the important decisions, such as how much to charge for a project and what the theme of your office decor will be.

Family Time

One of my greatest joys since starting my freelance career has been the extra time I’ve been able to spend with my family. Because I work at home, I get to spend extra time with my two sons and daughter. It’s truly a priceless benefit that I wouldn’t want to miss out on.

While it can be tough to strike a balance with kids, (“Daddy is home, but is working right now and can’t play”), the opportunity you have to watch them grow up is worth the effort.

Working at home gives you the flexibility to take the kids to school and be there when they get home. It’s much easier to get to school plays and sports practices. This is definitely a perk for parents.

The Lowdown

Becoming a freelancer can be very rewarding, if you’re doing it for the right reasons.
What freelancing means to me?
A change in lifestyle for the better
More time with the ones I love.
A responsibility to balance all aspects of my business.

How Does Hiring a Professional Web Designer Help?

A website is the online foundation of your business. Expert web designers help to represent your business to the audience in the most conceivable form. This can also be accomplished through pre-designed templates but this might lack the creative uniqueness that you may be looking for to create a lingering effect in the mind of the audience regarding your business. Moreover a large number of skills are required to actually design a website and making it functional up to a professional level.

Fluent in Creative Effectiveness

Professional web designers are very fluent in image selections, unique ideas, user-friendly navigation and its visual presentation in the major internet browsers. With their expertise into practice, a lot of time is saved in the design process considering changes and tweaks down the line with HTML, CSS, SEO, animations and programming languages. They are well aware of the psychology of color and use it to its advantage for the representation of the services rendered.

Limited scope of pre-designed template

In the present market where every business has a website, a lot of effort needs to be invested in establishing a unique factor in your web design. Purchasing a template, even an expensive one, may seem to offer this standard, but ultimately it ends up resembling one of several others. Furthermore, if you intend to expand your website in the future, a pre-made template, may not suffice and chances are that you may require to initiate the design work from scratch.

Paced with the latest trends

Browser Compatibility is a potential issue that may degrade a website ranking and lose out customers. The website may not render equally well in all the browsers, resulting in distorted display and misrepresented font faces. Hence, how it looks, functions and renders itself on the variety of access devices is a matter of utmost concern. Hiring the experts ensures that we get the best results in this regard. They also take care of issues that may show up with technology advancements.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors for hiring a professional web designer. Having an outstanding website is useless if it keeps drifting undetected in the servers of the worldwide web. A high search engine ranking is the best aspect of generating potential customers. A web professional web designer takes care of this aspect and knows how to develop a website which can be easily read and ranked by search engines.


Having a well-functioning website speaks loads about the credibility of the business and their services. A clumsy website with several limiting factors, not only fails to generate customers, but also degrades the actual business which might be going on well offline.